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Special report: Banks continue robo-signing

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A proposed bill would allow banks to offer credit cards. committee considering the matter is still undecided and that.

continue at a brisk pace through 2011 and beyond. Most federally insured. has not identified "robo-signing" or any other deficiencies that would warrant formal enforcement actions.. Nonmember Banks-Special Foreclosure Edition . Division of Risk Management

Robo-signing isn’t limited to low-level employees at loan servicers. Lawrence Buckley is a lawyer who manages the Dallas, Texas law firm Brice, Vander Linden and Wernick. In March, he testified that he had allowed his electronic signature to be affixed to sworn court documents that he had never seen.

MARKET INTERNALS CONTINUE TO WEAKEN. Is Housing’s Recent Price Stability A Sham Caused By banks’ lax foreclosure policy? SHORTSELL: Copper, Lead, Base Materials; Emerging Currencies.

 · Lenders will continue to face some tough choices when loans come up for renewal with collateral values that have declined significantly from peak levels. The federal regulatory agencies issued guidance last Fall designed to provide more clarity to banks on how to report those cases where they had restructured problem loans.

But in at least one county in North Carolina, banks have responded by exploiting a filing loophole that has allowed them to continue signing off on key documents en masse, according to a local official. Jeff Thigpen serves as Register of Deeds for Guilford County, N.C.; his office is where local land records are filed.

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Special report: Banks continue robo-signing. Scot J. Paltrow. for the banks and servicers named in this article said that they halted any wrongdoing after disclosures last autumn of robo.

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