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If your spouse has a bad credit score, chances are, he or she has had issues with credit in the past. If you have joint finances, it will be easy to make sure all bills are paid on time.

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This type of arrangement can help you avoid paying a huge bill at the top of the month. How to fix it: To avoid the bad habit of paying rent late, ask your landlord. on one partner’s good credit..

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Thankfully, with the right advice and the help and knowledge of the specialist mortgage brokers that work with us, there are lenders that may consider husband and wife credit scores for a mortgage , even if a partner or spouse has a less than perfect credit history, either in a joint or sole application.

Today, virtually all mortgage lenders have tightened their credit standards. They have introduced new requirements for those looking to secure a home loan or refinance their existing loan. Your credit score and your credit report matter more than ever before. If your spouse has less then stellar credit it could make getting a home loan more.

Some experts say it’s not a bad idea to keep some money on the side for personal spending. About 71% of divorced women say their former. Do you have a secret bank account? A credit card that you’ve.

Cons of a Joint Mortgage. While combining your assets in an application can help one person up, it can go the other way. Say you’re applying with your spouse who has a pretty bad credit history. If your history isn’t stellar enough, his score could could harm both your chances. In that case, it might be better to apply for an individual.

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